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No_Code X

Hybridisation, a keyword which describes the movement of rushing towards the future. An agile and advanced universe, hybrid and fluid, originating in California, it has now dispersed all over the world. An avant-garde concept led by designers, visionaries and people who are inspired to harness their trade in a new vision.

To accompany this movement Tod’s has created No_Code, an innovation workshop dedicated to experimenters and those who feel themselves a part of this community to rewrite the contemporary world.

Tod’s No_Code moves seamlessly, transcending seasons, unrestricted by codes, combining the luxury of technology with high quality Made in Italy, examining the changes happening in contemporary society due to the rapid progression we are seeing in existing codes: the way we work, our interpersonal relationships and our ever-evolving clothing and style needs.

Having established its leadership in the field of research and development of raw materials and innovation, working with renowned Italian know-how, Tod’s takes this path of experimentation to the highest level.

NO_CODE X (Launch January 2020)

After the unveiling of No_Code 01 in November 2018, Tod’s will launch No_Code X in January 2020.

No_Code shoes unite the classic Italian shoe and the informal sneaker, culminating in a flexible and versatile hybrid product made from the highest quality and Italian craftsmanship, whilst simultaneously carrying innovation forward.

The name “X” comes from a graphic reference, being a cross of two lines emphasising the hybrid spirit that is the basis of No_Code: the "X" represents a strong typographic sign which signifies the connection between technology and craftsmanship.

After the launch of No_Code 01, 02 and 03, all of which feature a tapered sole, the "X" introduces the "cassetta" family, Tod’s version of a cup sole, into the No_Code world.

NO_CODE X: technical details

The sole of the No_Code X has been raised at the sides and appears chunkier, but despite the increase in its volume, the shoe weighs 10% less than the previous “No_Code” models.

At the heel end on the inner sole of the “No_Code X” there is a raised gommino pebble configuration which has been introduced to deliver an enhanced “cushion” effect which reduces the overall weight of the sole.

The upper part of the No_Code X features a combination of knitted fabric and leather to deliver maximum ease in terms of fit, as well as an extra touch of Italian shape.

The silhouette recalls a sports car, the toe has been deliberately lowered to create an “aerodynamic effect”, as if the shoe were about to “accelerate” like a racing car.

No_Code X has the shape of a formal shoe: seen from above, its silhouette is tapered and elegant.

YONG BAE SEOK: No_Code Designer

Tod’s entrusted the No_Code project to Korean designer Yong Bae Seok, who translated the Tod’s No_Code philosophy into his designs.

Yong Bae Seok is an industrial designer born in Seoul, South Korea, and based in Europe. Yong completed his degree at Hansung University in Seoul, then he moved to Italy to continue his education at the IED in Turin where he received his master’s degree in industrial design.

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