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Tod’s Together is a story, a special project about connecting with each other, conceived in these past months.
‘The good life’ is not just a concept, but an idea that has always been part of the Italian lifestyle. Epitomised by an innate timeless elegance, warmth, simplicity and a special ease, which the world instantly recognises in us.
This autumn, Tod's takes a journey through the most modern Italian lifestyle, with a campaign shot by talented Magnum photographer Alex Majoli, that celebrates family, friends and a sense of unity, capturing moments of “being together” that are inherent in us all.
Tod’s introduces a selection of renown faces, young talents and personalities yet to be discovered, who symbolize the spirit of these times, captured in a series of short stories which will highlight moments of life, in all their freshness and authenticity.
Family is what unites us in all its forms, from the most traditional to the less conventional.
Tod's Together celebrates friendship, affection and kindness, the pleasure of seeing each other. A campaign which illustrates Italian taste and know-how, in intimate and special moments where the desire to be together is the most important element, which permeates all the images immediately. 
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